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Bring Your Job, Your Company, And Your Team To Life With Video With Jaime Geffner And Steve Geffner

HRH 12 Jaime Geffner | Recruitment Videos


Video has become very popular in recent years as it has become the most effective way to grab someone’s attention to your product or message. It has the same effect in recruitment marketing, as video has become an incomparable means of attracting quality candidates online. Joining Andrea Hoffer in this conversation, Jaime Geffner and Steve Geffner talk about the advantages that jobseekers and employers alike can get when they leverage video in the recruitment process. At Geffner Productions, Jaime and Steve are experts in teaching people video strategy, the technical side of creating videos, being comfortable on camera, and scripting. Through their signature program called Video Attraction Lab, they inspire business owners to step into their greatness with video, increase their impact, and grow their revenue. Listen in as they share some valuable tips that you can apply as you start to level up your recruitment with video.