Getting To Know You

We spend time getting to know your company’s culture and needs for the open position, so we have all the information to find the perfect candidate. With industry-leading partners, we create and implement a robust employer branding strategy to attract the right fit for your team.

Initial Discovery & Kick-Off Meeting

Business owners, hiring managers, and other key leadership team members will take a survey that compiles and assesses your team’s perspective of your company culture, as well as the requirements for the position (and all of the little things that aren’t requirements, but sure would be “nice-to-have’s.”)

Recruitment Video Training & Shooting

Our partners at Geffner Productions will coach you through the process of creating 3 key hiring videos. First, you’ll create a welcome video that will help applicants get to know you and put them at ease as they progress through the initial stages of your recruiting process. Then, you’ll create an employee testimonials video, which will give your applicants a taste of your culture as well as an insider’s perspective of what it’s really like to work for your company. Finally, you’ll be guided through the process of having someone on your leadership team create a video that shares more about the position you’re hiring for.

Curating Your Applicant Pool

We create unique and memorable job postings that are designed to attract your ideal candidates. Based on the requirements of the position, we’ll curate your applicant pool to the most qualified candidates who will perform at a high level and seamlessly fit into your company culture. Then, we move those candidates through to the phone interview and begin the reference check process.

Job Posting & Careers Site Launch

Based on the information in the first step, we craft a text job posting using our proprietary process that is proven to attract your perfect-fit candidates. We’ll also launch your custom branded careers site page with a visual job microsite that is designed to attract the right people, and only the right people.

Your job postings will be promoted in a variety of ways. Our promotional recruitment solutions vary for every client and every job; however, typically they include some combination of professional networking sites, job boards, niche websites, social media groups, and more.

Applicant Pool Review

We eliminate unqualified applicants that do not meet the basic requirements like experience, education, and work history so you don’t have to waste your valuable time interviewing the wrong people.

Applicant Video & Phone Interviews & Reference Checks

We invite qualified applicants to complete a brief video interview within 3 days. Through this process, we discover which candidates are truly qualified and serious about the position, further empowering us to find your ideal hire.

Next, we check references on top applicants, using the leading online reference checking platform, SkillSurvey Reference®. SkillSurvey is said to reduce turnover rates by 35% in the first year.

Selecting The Right Fit

At this point, we have the most competitive candidates ready for your review. We’ll help you prepare for your interview with effective training that will get you the answers you need to feel confident about your hiring decision. Once you’ve chosen the right fit, we’ll conduct pre-hire assessments and provide you with a Coaching Report.

Your Candidate Review

After the first round of interviews, we send the best candidates your way, because you know your company best. We’ll share notes from our interviews, along with resumes, applications, and assessments; then we’ll spend time with you discussing each candidate. The final decision is yours, but we’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

Your Interview Preparation

Once you have selected which candidates you’d like to interview, we will have an effective interview training session so you can get all the questions you need to feel confident about your hiring decisions.

Your Candidate Interview

You interview the candidate after receiving a list of questions and a preparation session with the AHA! Recruiting Experts team.

Pre-Hire Assessments

Once you have narrowed down your list of candidates to the top qualified right fits, we will have them take PXT Select pre-hire assessment, which includes questions personalized to each candidate and the position they’re applying for. Once the assessment is complete, we’ll provide you with a Coaching Report, and review all candidate information with you to ensure you make the best decision for your company and set your new team member up for long-term success.

We want to make sure we help you find, hire, and keep the right employees. Explore our onboarding process to learn more about how you can ensure your new hire retention.