• In the Initial Discovery & Kick-Off Meeting with you, we get to know the traits and
    skills of the ideal candidate for the role. Based on our discussion, we create a
    Candidate Persona that is a good fit for both the role and the company culture.
  • Then, we use a variety of screen techniques including phone and video interviews,
    references checks, and candidate assessments to narrow the search to the best pool
    of candidates.

  • You never know when you are going to need to hire someone, whether it’s due to a
    current team member leaving with little to no notice or a new opportunity that your
    team doesn’t have the bandwidth for. Your talent pipeline, a pool of candidates who
    are already sold on your culture and your company, is easily accessible should you
    need to pull from it. If you haven’t built up a talent pipeline, it is even more
    challenging to find the right candidate quickly and efficiently.

  • Absolutely! As the active candidate audience has virtually increased overnight as a
    result of the COVID-19 outbreak, now is an excellent time to share why you are an
    employer of choice. Show your talent pool how your company has stepped up for your
    employees and your community during this difficult time, and tell them what you are
    doing to keep your team and customer safe. They are listening – tell them why they
    should believe in you.

  • First, we must get to know the true culture of the business. We aim to answer the
    following questions:

    • What gets rewarded and what does not?
    • How do people make decisions?
    • What is important to the business?
    • What is important to the individuals that work in the business?
  • From there, we are able to create a Candidate Persona and a job announcement that
    speaks to that persona. Finding the perfect culture fit goes beyond a laundry list
    of skills and experience, and includes the behaviors that show up every day in the
    business. We craft interview questions based on this knowledge that ask the
    candidate to share specific examples that allow us to judge the culture fit, in
    addition to the position fit.

  • Right now, candidates are looking to work for companies that are growing and taking care of their employees. COVID-19 has magnified the need for security and purpose for many candidates. As a result, talent acquisition strategies should focus on employer branding – why you are a great employer, how you take care of your team, and how you are growing your company. Additionally, interest in remote work and flexible hours from candidates has increased tremendously since COVID-19.