Recruitment Marketing Meets Full-Cycle Recruitment
A Package for All of Your Recruitment Needs


Attract quality candidates, Faster

Build a Talent Pipeline with only the services you need

We take recruitment marketing off your plate and save you the high cost of job boards! This is our most flexible and cost-effective package.

Outsource your Recruitment - RPO

You need several people for the same role or have on-going recruitment needs

If you are looking for candidate sourcing, administrative support and resume screening, the RPO Package is the one for you.

Professional Recruitment

You need to fill a Mid to High level Leadership Role

Placement Guaranteed

If you are filling career positions, the Professional Recruitment takes all of the hiring tasks off your plate and gives you the highest level of coaching and support.

aha!hire RPO Professional Recruitment

* Additional job titles can be added to your membership plan of choice. Contact us for customization options and pricing.