Employer Branding Solutions

Build awareness and attract top talent with employer branding.

If you’re like many of our clients, you understand the importance of investing in marketing to get your products or services in front of your ideal customer.

But did you know the same logic applies to candidates?

You’ve worked hard to differentiate your business to your customers and make your company a special place to work for your employees. Investing in marketing your employer brand will get your job postings in front of your ideal candidate and attract the talent that you are looking for.

With strategic employer branding, you:

  • Highlight the value you bring as an employer
  • Build awareness of your company within top talent pools
  • Boost the volume of interested and qualified candidates
  • Develop a talent pipeline of applicants that fit your company culture
  • Share your company’s message in an authentic, human way

Your Employer Branding Matters

Do you know what candidates think about your company?

Your company’s reputation as a place to work will determine the candidates you attract.

Candidates want to learn about your company culture, office space, and what the day-to-day could look like in their new role. Employer branding gives you an opportunity to highlight what makes your company special.

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Employer Branding Package

Your employer brand encompasses every touchpoint a candidate has with your company. The careers site, your company’s social media presence, and even the testimonials on Glassdoor all contribute to how a prospective candidate perceives your company.

Our Employer Branding Package is perfect for:

  • Executive-level managers looking to identify gaps in employer branding messages
  • Management teams considering a company rebranding
  • Hiring Managers that need an objective view of company culture

We start by using tools and processes to uncover how a candidate perceives your brand. With strategic insights, we build your company image to accurately reflect the mission and culture you’ve worked so hard to establish.

Don’t just project a great employer brand, build the employer brand that attracts your dream team.

Our industry-leading Employer Branding Package will help you:

  • Discover your ideal candidate profile
  • Create and/or update your Glassdoor page
  • Build a Careers page that reflects your company image*
  • Produce your Employee Magnet Video Series*
  • Showcase your company culture with social recruiting
  • Customize a Recruitment Marketing Plan for you to distribute and leverage internally

Custom Careers Page

Custom branded career site and job microsite that are visually enhanced to attract the right candidates and drive candidate engagement.



Video is the best way to reach more candidates, capture their attention and showcase your company culture in an authentic, compelling way.

We partner with Geffner Productions for virtual industry-leading video production. Our Employer Branding Package includes any 3 videos from the list below, with the option to add additional videos for an added fee.

Employee Magnet Video Series

Garner interest in joining your company by highlighting yourself as a leader. Prospective employees want to know they are joining a company that is growing and making an impact in the industry and in their community. This is a great opportunity to showcase business awards or recognition.

Highlight exactly what your company offers to employees that keeps them there. Beyond the salary and benefits, employee testimonials across multiple departments like IT and HR will speak directly to your Employee Value Proposition. This is a great opportunity to add context to your company’s mission statement and highlight examples of professional development and team bonding opportunities.

Provide a clear picture of the impact that candidates will have on both the company and their team. Candidates want to know how they will make a difference if they’re chosen for the position. This is also a great opportunity to include the current team in the employee selection process.

Start the application process with a brief welcome from the CEO that will thank the candidate for their interest in the position and express the company’s excitement in adding a new member to the team. This is a great opportunity to establish core values and outline what success looks like.

Share information about what makes your company different from the others that candidates may be considering, and provide the benefits that could help sway their final decision. This is a great opportunity to answer questions like: What attracts people to your company? What keeps them there? What might not work for the candidate?

To help you prepare for your moment in front of the camera and produce the video content of your dreams, AHA! Recruiting Experts provides:

  • Virtual coaching with Geffner Productions
  • Unlimited access to online training and templates
  • Video editing & distribution on YouTube
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Social Recruiting

Get the word out about what makes your company attractive to top candidates. Social recruiting stimulates employee engagement and builds a talent pool for your dream team.

Our best-in-class social recruiting includes:

  • Customized career hashtag to utilize across social media platforms
  • Content development to establish and maintain your employer brand
  • Weekly posts to employer profiles on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and more
  • Company blog that introduces the world to your employees, values and culture

AHA! Hiring Starter Kit

If you need to create a hiring process that will get you success over and over gain, the AHA! Hiring Starter Kit is perfect for you.

We’ve compiled our industry experience with proven recruitment processes to create the perfect solution for business owners like you.

The AHA! Hiring Starter Kit eliminates the leg work for business owners who need to grow their team quickly, regardless of size.

It’s the ONLY all-inclusive recruitment service that helps companies attract the ideal employee not only the first time, but every time.

Your Investment: $5000


  • A Custom Branded Career Site
  • Visual & Text Job Postings

AHA! Hiring Starter Kit includes

  • A Role-Specific Interview Guide
  • An Effective Interview Training


  • A Deep Dive Consultation
  • A Recruitment Marketing Action Plan