Category: Leadership Results by Design


Biggest Mistakes Organizations Make

Andrea discusses the biggest makes she has seen organizations make. Often companies jump in without a plan. By not having a plan, and not making sure employees are on-board and prepared, organizations face the risk of their project failing.


Attributes Of Great Leaders

Andrea explains that great leaders stretch themselves to spend time dealing with uncomfortable areas so that they eventually become comfortable.


Key Elements To Good Customer Service

Andrea discusses how empowering your front line customer service employees is key to minimizing problems that are often passed on to upper management.


DiSC Software

Andrea explains what the DiSC software is and how she has used it to assist her clients. It is based on four basic behavioral styles: Dominance, influence, Steadiness, and Consciousness. By determining behavioral styles and allowing staff members to share their work style preferences, they could then all work together on understanding one another and coming to a solution on how best to work together.


Why Rely On Outside Consultants

Andrea explains that often leaders are too close to the problems within their organization and outside consultants can bring a fresh perspective, coupled with years of experience to the table, to create a perfect process to help with that individual issue.