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5 Tips for Understanding Your Customer’s Behavior

5 Tips for Understanding Your Customer’s Behavior on ahabusinessconsulting.comLearn how to read your customers for greater sales success

Completely understanding your customers is the key to an organization’s success. Who are they? What are their hobbies? What do they spend their time doing? What motivates them to buy? It’s not just about knowing their demographics, but anticipating their needs in order to continue to provide value – both in your products or services and in delivering the ideal customer experience.


Empowering Employees to Find Their Own Answers

Empowering Employees to Find Their Own Answers on ahabusinessconsulting.comStrategies for empowering employees to be resourceful and less reliant on upper management

We all have those few employees who always have a question to ask. These questions can typically be divided into two parts: questions that could be researched elsewhere (like online or in company materials) or questions that have already been asked previously. Sometimes the questioning is a direct result of laziness, but oftentimes it’s a myriad of other things – insecurity, dependence, assurance, and eagerness.


Building Relationships to Deliver a Positive Customer Experience

Building Relationships to Deliver a Positive Customer Experience on ahabusinessconsulting.com6 ways to build a better connection with your customers

Happy customers become repeat customers. One of the biggest challenges in sales is forging relationships with customers that build loyalty and retention. The relationship starts with the first contact, whether in person, via email, social media or on the phone. After that, it’s imperative to establish a connection with every interaction. An easy thing to say, but it’s not always so easy to do.


Mediating Conflict in the Workplace

Mediating Conflict in the Workplace on ahabusinessconsulting.com6 ways to manage conflict within your team

When people of diverse backgrounds and personalities come together, disagreements are bound to occur, the same is true in the workplace. In the best case, workplace conflicts are resolved among employees, but if allowed to fester, it can hinder productivity and create a negative environment for your team.


5 Sales Approaches that Will Help You Close the Deal

Find out what kind of sales tactics you need to employ to get the best closure rate.Find out what kind of sales tactics you need to employ to get the best closure rate.

In the analytical world of sales training and optimization, sales approaches or tactics are delineated into many different types. Two factors normally govern which emerges on the shop floor – a salesperson’s innate predisposition and the company’s products and objectives. It’s widely accepted that there is no one, best sales technique.


Defining Your Customer Experience to Develop a Loyal Fan Base

The all-important customer experience

The all-important customer experience.

Today’s world is driven by immediacy, technology, and information. Your customers have more options than ever before, and more ways to collect information on those options. So how can your business stand out? For today’s customer, delivering a pristine customer experience is your business’s competitive advantage.


Employee Onboarding: Tools and Tips to Successfully Welcome New Employees

Onboarding best practicesOnboarding best practices.

You’ve gone through the recruitment process, chosen the right candidate for the position, and they have accepted the job offer. Though you may think the job is done, it’s only just beginning. After effective recruitment and decision-making comes the most important process to improve your retention – employee onboarding.


Is Leadership Coaching Right for My Business?

Is Leadership Coaching Right for My Business? on ahabusinessconsulting.comLeadership coaching has recently experienced a transition. What was once thought of as a desperate tactic to save a business has now become a fundamental piece of maintaining a business’ success. Organizations and their leaders have started to understand the varying advantages business consulting can have on the organization at the individual level – and not solely for the C-suite. Business consulting has been found to improve leadership performance for future leaders in addition to current leadership.


Thinking of Promoting from Within?

Thinking of Promoting from Within? on ahabusinessconsulting.comThe hiring process can be an intimidating time for an organization. It requires a lot of time and direction from the top and, if done incorrectly, runs the risk of drastically affecting your bottom line. There are several factors to consider when beginning the hiring process; but the first step is the most important – the decision to promote an employee or hire externally.