Where Are You?

Customer Experience Continuum

If I were to ask your customers today about their experience with your business, what would they say?

How about if I asked your employees about the customer service offered? The first step in improving your customer service is to figure out where you are right now.

In the visual below, there are two axes that divide four quadrants. The vertical axis is labeled, “Experience.” Ask yourself the type of experience you consistently offer your customers. Be honest. The higher up you rate on the axis, the better the experience your customers receive. If you rate yourself near the top, then your customers know how much you appreciate their business and feel you and your staff show it with every encounter. The horizontal axis is the Needs Continuum. Businesses who rate themselves all the way to the left are consistently exceeding their customer’s needs.

Where are you?

  1. Red Carpet Experience- You consistently anticipate and exceed the needs and expectations of your customers. Every customer interaction makes them feel like they are appreciated and your top priority.
  2. Inconsistent Service with a Smile- You sometimes fall short of meeting your customer’s needs and rarely exceed their expectations, but always do it with a smile. You may find yourself apologizing and showing your customer you care, but don’t resolve the current problem or put measures in place to prevent falling short in the future.
  3. Just a Number- Your customers feel their needs are met and even exceeded consistently, but may not feel you appreciate their business.
  4. Are you kidding me? Your customers feel there are too many obstacles to getting their needs met and you don’t show them you care about their business.

Where do you fall? If you asked your team to do this exercise, what would they say? How about your customers? What steps are you going to take to offer that Red Carpet Experience and keep your customers coming back?

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