5 Tips to Ease the Transition to Working from Home

Covid-19 has dramatically altered the way most Americans work seemingly overnight.  Here at AHA! Business Consulting we are already a remote team spanning different time zones. But we understand that during this stressful time, many were not given the choice or the time to properly transition to working from home. 

How You Can Make Your Training Program More Efficient

In business as in life, time is money. Training programs involve immense amounts of time to plan and execute, not to mention capital that could otherwise be spent Trainingelsewhere. For these reasons, designing a more efficient and effective training program for your employees should be your priority as a responsible business leader.


3 Things Every New Employee Needs to Succeed

Adding a new employee to your business can be a daunting task. Integrating them into their role and your existing group presents many possibilities for things to go awry. Since hiring can be such a big investment, you certainly want to set them up for success.Welcome new employees Although each employee is different, here are some common things that everyone needs in order to succeed in a new job.


The Truth About Hiring Slow and Firing Fast

There is a buzz phrase that’s been going around the business world lately that you may have heard. Hire slow and fire fast. The truth about hiring slow and firing fast is that it should actually be hire strategically and fire fast. hire slow fire fast, hiring process

A well thought and planned hiring process is key to the success of your recruitment efforts.