Why Vision Is Important To Success

A little while ago I was meeting with a prospective client.  I asked this client one of my favorite questions, “What is your vision for your business?”  She looked at me and said, “I don’t have a vision. What is your vision?”  Nobody has ever turned that around on me before, but I was happy to share with her my thoughts about the people part of my vision.  I described my vision of an organization where everyone on the team wants to grow and they find that there are many opportunities within the organization to learn and improve their skills.


Why Executives Need Coaches

Business executives could benefit from a coach for a variety of reasons. Many times the executive is looking to move ahead in his/her career and knows that there are specific areas she needs to improve in order to make that happen. A coach can help an executive identify those areas and work with her to sharpen her skills. This accelerates the learning process.


Top Leadership Mistakes of Entrepreneurs

The top leadership mistakes often made by entrepreneurs fall into four areas:

  • Identifying too closely with their business
  • Doing everything themselves
  • Forgetting their vision
  • Ignoring leadership lessons

The mistake I see most often with entrepreneurs is that they don’t separate themselves from their business.


The 8 Dimensions Of Leadership

Authors Sugerman, Scullard and Wilhelm in their book with the same title described, “The 8 Dimensions of Leadership.”  The book lays out a model of eight dimensions of leadership behavior. As leaders, we tend to have natural tendencies in one of these dimensions. These natural tendencies are sometimes called our strengths.