Why you should share your business plan with all your employees

how sharing your business plan can change your business

A business plan is typically developed before your business is up and running, when you have few if any employees to weigh in. But it’s important to remember that a business plan is a living document that should be updated and evaluated as you develop your strategic and marketing plans for the coming years. At this stage, it can be extremely beneficial to share your business plan with your employees.

Sales Tactics for All Social Styles

How knowledge of social styles can make you a better salespersonSelling with a sense of style.

All salespeople are not the same. All customers are not the same. You probably have a sense of your own interpersonal style, and theirs. But how can you hone this information to create the most successful sales experience? There are powerful, time-tested assessments that can give you great insight and spur sales success.

8 Skills That Will Take Your Managerial Career to the Next Level

8 Skills That Will Take Your Managerial Career to the Next Level on ahabusinessconsulting.comLooking to advance as a manager?

The best managers have mastered certain skills. Some may have those abilities naturally, but most learned them along the way. If you want to take your career to the next level – taking on a managerial role, eyeing a more senior position, or starting your own business – you need to master those same qualities.

Do You Trust Your Customers?

Do You Trust Your Customers? on ahabusinessconsulting.comHow to make sure your customers really are happy.

If you’re like a majority of business owners, you probably think your customer service is “superior” – in fact, 80% of the companies surveyed by Help Scout fell into this assumption. But on the flip side – only 8% of those who patronized those very same businesses agreed. So, what accounts for this extreme discrepancy?