Hiring a candidate that doesn’t fit into your company culture can cost you time and money.

That’s where we come in. AHA! Recruiting Experts streamlines the processes you need to figure out what the right candidate looks like, build a valuable talent pool, effectively interview top candidates, and hire the right person for your team. We’ll even teach you how to onboard and retain your new hire.


Why we, at AHA!, are truly Experts at Building Dream Teams

We are Talent Attraction & Retention Experts. We stay on top of the best and most recent talent attraction and retention techniques and integrate them into our process.  This way we are always ahead of the curve for our clients.  Our goal is to make YOU an Employer of Choice who can compete with the larger companies for top talent. 

We are Talent Selection Experts.  All of our Talent Consultants are certified in Mark Murphy’s Hiring for Attitude program as well as are constantly trained on other interviewing strategies and best practices developed by experts like Patrick Lencioni, Carol Quinn, Lou Adler, and Geoff Smart.  Our interviewing approach gets results with position and culture fit.

We have access to the BEST Qualified Candidates.  Our team of Talent Sourcers is in contact every day with qualified and interested candidates.  Our unique approach with Passive Candidates has proven to get higher response results than industry standards.  The technology partners we have cultivated over our ten years in the business extend our reach to candidates even further.

The AHA! Process

When you partner with AHA! Recruiting Experts, we use our proven process to help you find, hire, and keep the perfect candidate.

All of our services are grounded in our AHA! DREAM TEAM FORMULA outlined in our CEO’s Best-Selling Book, Hire Higher. This process ensures you will see the BEST candidates quickly and smoothly because …
*We get to know who you need
*We know how to access qualified candidates
*We market you as a great place to work
*We ask the right questions to ensure fit
*We support you all the way from offer to onboarding


Discover who YOU truly need We walk you through our AHA! Discovery Positioning Program to help you uncover who you truly need. This proprietary process is crucial to finding and recognizing the right hires.

Attract YOUR ideal candidates We create authentic recruitment marketing visuals and social media campaigns to attract the RIGHT talent to impact your business. All of our marketing campaigns are built around our job ad formula that speaks directly to the needs of the candidates.

Recognize the RIGHT CANDIDATES for YOUR Position & Culture We screen and interview for candidates that can not only do the job you need done, but also lives YOUR organizational core values. We also teach you how to conduct interviews and evaluate candidates for the best fit.

Set YOUR NEW HIRE up for success We provide you with a road map to onboard your new team member and resources to ensure a smooth transition from offer through the first year.

Licenses & Certifications

But Don't Take Our Word For It...

Candace Brock, CEO, Five Points Pet Resort

I had a great experience with AHA! Recruiting Experts, while recruiting, they were very professional, very communicative, and very in-depth in helping me find the perfect candidates for the positions that I needed to feel. My favorite part about working with AHA!,  was that I was just blown away at the end depth screening that they do for you, which saves me a ton of time and really gives me a lot more insight into these potential candidates.

Michelle McFarland, CEO, The Wedding Shoppe

AHA! is AMAZING!!! They helped me find two great employees late last year. They are such a great culture fit and my whole team adores them, which is the most important element to me. I am in awe of the professional system AHA! has set up for finding your next outstanding employee. I didn’t have to spend my precious time sorting through resumes and qualifying people for interviews. If they got through AHA!, they were good enough for me to meet with. THANK YOU AHA!!!!!

Kristen Donovan, CEO, EVALCORP Research & Consulting

Our firm engaged AHA! Recruiting Experts recently to fill a management position. We could not be more appreciative of their excellent service, responsiveness, follow-up, and 100% commitment to ensuring we found the right candidate! The team from AHA! is exceptional and will ensure your organization's needs are heard and fulfilled upon efficiently, effectively and timely. I highly recommend AHA! to anyone seeking to fill a position. They are thoughtful, thorough, and truly exceptional in listening to what you need and delivering the candidates you've been seeking.

Pierrette Maillet, Kennesaw State University

Andrea provided training for the university board that I manage. The board members' evaluations of the session were all positive, indicating that Andrea's DiSC training contributed both to their personal development and also to the growth of the group as a whole. Andrea is a highly skilled facilitator who persisted in challenging the group members to really listen to one another and to take lessons away from the experience. Her individual work with me as the group's facilitator provided deep insights and concrete strategies that I can use well into the future. My group is already asking when Andrea can come back to work with us again!

Dr. Bill Prigge, College of Pharmacy at University of Tennessee Health Science Center

I have participated in three different DiSC studies with AHA and each one has exceeded my expectations. Andrea is a great facilitator. Her passion for the subject matter combined with her outstanding interpersonal skills allows her to effectively engage even the most introverted participants. The results from each of the sessions I've participated in have helped the teams function more effectively. I would highly recommend Andrea Hoffer Associates to any organization seeking to improve the communication between or productivity of their team.

Ruth Spiegel, Owner, Cold Stone Creamery

We recently used Andrea's recruitment service after two unsuccessful experiences with a large, national organization. The process she uses is comprehensive and generates important information about the applicant. We hired the first candidate Andrea recommended for an interview and so far so good!!!!

Chris Brisson, CEO of Salesmsg & Call Loop

After knowing Andrea for a few years, I knew she was the right person to help me find great talent. Her process for finding, vetting, interviewing, and ultimately hiring talent has been a dream come true. More importantly, it was easy! If you're struggling to find great talent, then let Andrea help you with her proven process to make your life easier!

Agatha Johnson, Founder and CEO ,WillKate

Andrea has done a wonderful job for us. So professional, understanding, diligent and knowledgeable. She took the time to get to know us, our culture and values so she fully understand our day and what is important. Additionally she asked about our clients, what is needed for them and how we work with them. It was great to have someone take the time to get to know us before she began her search. We are very pleased with the results and as a business owner, this is tremendous. I would recommend Andrea for your talent and culture hiring. Great experience.

Jeannette Sermak-Proulx, Owner/Director at Plaza Production One Mobile Dance Studio

I have run a mobile dance studio for 36 years and thought I knew what I was doing when it came to hiring. It took an experience when I wasted time, money and energy hiring the wrong executive assistant to convince me that I did not. Andrea Hoffer of AHA! Business Consulting not only helped me to build a fabulous career site, but was able to extract my true values, company culture and a REAL job description. Andrea walked me though step by step designed perfect interview questions, offered cost cutting advertising tips, and gave me a hiring strategy for my hiring needs now and in the future.I wholeheartedly recommend Andrea for the hiring needs of any company regardless of size. She is thorough, responsive and a true professional.

Roxanna Meyers, President, Century Sign Builders

I would highly recommend using Andrea. The software she uses is effective and efficient—great assessments and templates. I typically would’ve spent 60-80 hours+ on hiring someone for the two positions . . . and I only spent around 12 hours (which was primarily on the final interviews which were at my shop and in person for 2-3 hours). She is really responsive and available for questions and a joy to work with.

Stephanie Nivinskus, Digital Marketing Consultant

After rushing into a couple of hiring decisions that ended up not working out, I realized I needed help attracting an employee who would slide into our culture seamlessly and contribute a new set of skills to our team from day one. Andrea made the entire hiring process so easy for us. She worked with my team and helped us dig deep and figure out what we really needed, not just what we thought we were looking for. Then she helped us find the perfect candidate. She asked the right questions to weed out the wrong candidates during the first round of phone interviews, only sending me the best candidates which allowed me to focus all my energy on talking to the people who had the greatest potential to be successful on my team long-term. She even helped us determine what to offer and helped us negotiate with the candidate we chose. We could not be happier with the services Andrea’s team provided, and we are thrilled with the person we ended up hiring as a result of her process!

Sharon Muniz, CEO, NCN Technology

I can't say enough about the awesome hiring experience I had working with Andrea and her team at AHA! It saved us so much time and we found three amazing candidates that not only have the skillsets for the job but are a great fit for our company. We will be using AHA for a long time to build the BEST NCN Team! Thank you, Andrea and AHA!

Kathryn Keener, Owner at One Moon Doula Services

I can highly recommend Andrea and her team. We hired them to help us hire for a newly created position. Not only did they know how to guide me on how best to describe the position and ideal candidate... but they thoroughly screened candidates and saved me TONS of time by only introducing the candidates most qualified for the position. The skill level and professionalism of everyone they sent our way were top notch. They have a method that is both tailored and thorough - and they’re clearly committed to getting results for business owners that will propel us towards our goals!

Cheryl Jekiel, CEO of Lean Leadership Center

Andrea's approach to supporting recruiting needs is both innovated and efficient. They have a streamlined process that delivers better quality candidates than typical internal approaches or even those of traditional recruiters. The Aha! team provides high quality support and is well able to locate the right candidates. What makes Andrea's approach different is that they support a process - not just filling a job opening. By better understanding our needs - they were able to deliver a number of highly qualified candidates that we were pleased to hire.

Monika Levin, Red Banyan Group

I really enjoyed your presentation and thoughtful analysis. It was a great learning experience for me about how to best communicate with my colleagues, and my own personality in the workplace…with tangible “take-aways” to implement.

Robbin Lubbehusen, Red Banyan Group

I felt the Everything DiSC Workplace session was wildly valuable for the team moving forward and a complete success! I think everyone really embraced the activity and information and we look forward to utilizing this information in our daily workflow and interactions with one another.

Heather Veeravagu, Senior Project Coordinator

Andrea has worked with us on several different aspects of our small business. She revamped our sales process and provided our team with the training necessary to implement the entire process: from customer interaction to tracking. As a result, our sales have been steadily growing. Sales growth led to the need for more staff! Andrea introduced us to the group interview process, lead an interview and trained us on how to hold the interviews ourselves. Using this process, we were able to identify and hire a highly qualified candidate for our sales position. I highly recommend Andrea’s services. Not only are her processes effective, but she is very responsive, supportive and understands the unique challenges of business ownership.

Krystina Mores, Human Resources Business Partner at Memorial Healthcare System

Thank you to Andrea for providing our diverse organization the tools to provide consistent interview practices with well thought-out questions that focus on the overarching values of Turnberry!

Dan Abbate, Chief Problem Solver at TheBigDA Advising, Strategy & Execution

I worked with AHA! Business Consulting to help me with two of the companies I own. With our grant writing company, AHA! helped to create and document a hiring process that we consistently use to hire and onboard grant writers and customer service team members. More recently, AHA! has assisted us with our newly acquired fitness facility. The independent club just celebrated 28 years of being in business. It was time to raise membership dues to reflect the market. AHA! walked us through this process to ensure that our members understood the exceptional value they were still enjoying. Most importantly- AHA! made sure everyone on our team understood how to address any concerns that may arise and keep our customers happy during this transition. Finally, AHA! created a more structured sales process and training for us that connects to our goals and values.

Evan Neirman, Founder and CEO,Red Banyan

As Red Banyan has grown and accelerated our hiring, the recruitment assistance from AHA! has been truly invaluable. AHA!’s pre-hire assessments have become a standard part of our hiring process, providing a new level of insight into candidates before they even come in for an interview. Andrea and her team are responsive, professional and easy to work with. They have saved us time and money by helping with the hiring so that we can focus on our core business, which is delivering results for our clients.

Linda Roman, 211 Palm Beach

Thanks so much for the very helpful workshop. I’ve been so busy that I almost didn’t make it, and I’m so glad I did! We’re definitely going to change our interview questions, and I’m going to explore the group interview as well. With my very best, Linda

Elliot Helmer, The Salt Suite

Working with AHA! Business Consulting helped our company learn how to hire and keep the right employees. Andrea really opened up our eyes to focus on core values and how to communicate them to our employees. She always listened to our ideas and helped us form solutions and processes that best fit our company.

Asoka Veeravagu, Consultant, Strategic Advisor & Startup Mentor

Andrea helped us with our recruitment efforts for a new and unique front-line employee position. She brought an effective and efficient approach to finding and screening candidates. Additionally, we learned a great deal from the group interview process that she coordinated and facilitated. It was great way to assess multiple candidates simultaneously and get a strong read on each candidate’s fit for the role and the company culture. I highly recommend Andrea and her approach to recruiting!

Barbara Stark, Milagro Center

We just wanted to thank you again for the DISC assessment session you facilitated for us here at Milagro Center yesterday. We all found it tremendously interesting and meaningful, but most of all, it has an enormous relevance to our work and personal lives. In fact, all of the staff have commented to me about how much they appreciated the opportunity to participate and to have gained so many insights both into themselves and their co-workers. We are all so positive about using the DiSC strategies here at Milagro Center.As a facilitator, Andrea, you are top-notch! You kept the 4.5 hour session lively, interactive, judgement-free, and fluent. The session proceeded so quickly it was hard to believe the time had gone by.Thank you so very much for your professionalism and insights.We look forward to more professional training with you!

Stephen Spiegel, Founder,CrewHu

My management team and I had an amazing experience with the Andrea and her DISC program! My business strategy is only effective if it is executed well and my strategy can only be executed well if my management team is on the same page. Working with Andrea helped align my team and helped us kick off the year on a positive note.

Sally Hammock, Georgia Institute of Technology

As a result of her education and successful job performance in both higher education and business, Andrea is uniquely qualified to help others develop a people-oriented, coaching style of leadership which also focuses on results. While her style is highly developmental and stems from a genuine satisfaction in facilitating personal and professional growth in others, she maintains a no-nonsense attitude about the responsibilities of both leaders and followers to contribute to positive outcomes.

Judi Hedge, OnTheEdge with Judi Hedge

I am incredibly impressed with Andrea Hoffer’s ability to cut to the chase on relevant objectives and provide supporting strategies. She is highly skilled at assimilating data and presenting it in a format that is easy to understand and implement. When choosing outside business partners, I look for smart, driven, experienced professionals that are also friendly and easy to work with. And Andrea has always far exceeded my expectations!

Rosalind R. Meyers, Georgia Institute of Technology

Andrea turned everything around. During her first year, financial results improved by $800,000.

Kristofer Cooper, MorseLife, Inc.

Thanks again for such an amazing facilitation. It was a fun day and we have been talking about it ever since!

Eric Hoffer, Owner, Hoffer Pest Solutions

AHA! Business Consulting has helped us source a handful of candidates who are doing a great job for our company. Andrea is knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Thank you Andrea for all your help

Monica McMahon, Owner/Founder at GetFit Retreats

AHA! Business Consulting truly does provide the aha’s every business owner needs! Andrea helped me recognize the strengths and blind spots of my selling style. Andrea’s approach is interactive and effective. Andrea provided me with some fabulous coaching on the best way to communicate effectively to different styles. Andrea invests 100% of herself into helping her clients; her thoroughness, attention to detail and ability to see the big picture enable her to help others in a unique manner. You know you are in the presence of an insightful coach when you can learn about yourself, feel good about who you are and be excited about building your skill set. I highly recommend Andrea and AHA!


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Outsource your entire recruiting process to us!   Our monthly subscription model helps you to flatten out your costs with no surprises.  We charge per position title and not by head.  Therefore, the cost does not change by the number of hires you make.   This model also allows us to track where we find your top candidates and learn what works.  Which leads to:

  • Quality talent funnel for current and future positions
  • Shorten time to hire
  • Lower hiring cost
  • Higher candidate engagement and employee retention